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[mkgmap-dev] Tags hiding roads?

From David Fletcher dave at thefletchers.net on Mon Dec 5 11:25:26 GMT 2011

On Mon, 2011-11-07 at 09:44 +0000, David Fletcher wrote:
> Hi there everybody!
> I'm new to this list. Since I bought an eTrex Legend HCx, I've been
> making my own contributions to Open Street Map and using the free
> mapping from the http://garmin.openstreetmap.nl/ web site for car
> navigation etc.
> This may or may not be a -dev question but I read that because this is
> the only mkgmap list, anything goes.
> I have a problem with a stretch of road which is missing from my Garmin
> and causing crazy instructions i.e. turn around and find another way.
> Please take a look at Open Street Map here:-
> http://www.openstreetmap.org/?lat=51.44952&lon=-2.38914&zoom=16&layers=M
> where the first section of the road called Freezinghill Lane which heads
> south-westwards from the A420 is missing from the map on my Garmin. I
> believe this problem is caused by somebody adding a tag to the road to
> make it serve as a parish boundary as well as a road.
> Or is it confusing mkgmap with an unexpected input combination?
> Part of the A46 which is nearby, and joins the A420 to the M4 motorway
> was also missing. I caused annoyance to at least one other Open Street
> Map user by deleting some of these tags. The A46 now appears to be
> intact on the map on my Garmin.
> I just noticed that the Garmin mapping site has been updated again in
> the last couple of days, but I have to use my device to navigate to a
> customer in an hour or so, so I'm not going to update it at this time.
> Regards,
> Dave Fletcher

Sending a reply to my own original post, I'm just wondering what has
happened here? I just downloaded and installed the 2011-12-02 version of
the UK Garmin map from Lambertus, and looking on the Garmin screen, the
broken sections of road appear to be fixed. I've not driven this way
again yet, but it looks good.

The editor on OSM, though, still shows the admin_level=10 tag on the
road. Minko said that this is what causes the problem because Lambertus
filters out anything with this tag. Has something been altered in
mkgmap, or has somebody asked Lambertus to stop doing this filtering?


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