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[mkgmap-dev] No mdx-file with gmap-mdr-branch

From Steve Ratcliffe steve at parabola.me.uk on Thu Dec 1 21:21:05 GMT 2011


> I've tried to use the gmap-mdr-branch
> (http://www.mkgmap.org.uk/snapshots/mkgmap-gmap-mdr-r2130.jar). With
> --index and --gmapsupp option I get a working gmapsupp.img-file, but
> no mdx-file. Without --gmapsupp-option I get the mdx-file.

This is related to my previous post to the list.

The _mdr.img and .mdx files are related and are created together.
With the --gmapsupp option, the index is created inside the gmapsupp
file instead of externally.

I'll think about how both could be created.


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