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[mkgmap-dev] mkgmap-gmap-hdr ClassCastException

From Steve Ratcliffe steve at parabola.me.uk on Mon Nov 28 19:28:41 GMT 2011

On 28/11/11 19:26, Francisco Moraes wrote:
> Tried the new mkgmap with --index support for --gmapsupp but I hit the
> following:
> java.lang.ClassCastException: uk.me.parabola.imgfmt.app.srt.SrtSortKey
> incompatible with uk.me.parabola.imgfmt.app.srt.MultiSortKey
>           at
> uk.me.parabola.imgfmt.app.srt.MultiSortKey.compareTo(MultiSortKey.java:38)

Thanks, that is a problem that was fixed after the branch was made, so 
it not included in it.  I shall merge from trunk now.


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