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[mkgmap-dev] gmapsupp visible in Basecamp

From Minko ligfietser at online.nl on Sun Nov 27 16:32:11 GMT 2011

Steve wrote:
>That flag is not set by mkgmap, unless I'm mistaking what is meant. Is
>this for ones created by mapsource?

Sorry, I didnt check what happens with gmapsupp.img's generated with mkgmap. 
I meant indeed gmapsupps created by Mapsource (because I need a working address index).

>As far as I know it is only the background that makes the map opaque.
>What happens if you put it back into the TYP file, is it still
>transparent then?

Yes, it doesn't matter. I have tested it also with a few background polygons 0x4b, 
also non opaque ones, with or without a typ file, all didnt help. 
The uderlying basemap is still visible through the osm map,
and the line style of this basemap is defined by the osm typ file.
We have noticed it does not occur with generated maps by cgpsmapper.

As workaround I have created an alternative Global Application Basemap v2.gmap which is empty. 

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