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[mkgmap-dev] Location not working in trunk default style

From Steve Ratcliffe steve at parabola.me.uk on Sun Nov 27 14:34:31 GMT 2011


>> indicates that they should be separated.  They could be placed in one
>> file, which would be used by each of the different geometry types.
> I agree, one file for these should be enough. I did not quite follow you
> regarding access tags. They do not matter for polygons, do they? For
> points, they can matter with link-pois-to-ways, which implements access
> restrictions based on nearby nodes that carry access tags.

I put them all together, because they all apply across a range of
object types and modify the properties of the object rather than
selecting what kind of object it is.

>> Second, perhaps there is a need for two commands include-before and
>> include-after which allow you to do the inclusion either way as
>> appropriate for the situation.
> Could we have something similar to the #include and #undef in the C
> preprocessor? For #undef (or whatever it will be called), an example
> would be a style that is derived from the default style but removes the
> lines rules for power=line and man_made=*.

Removing rules would be tricky with the current implementation.
Inclusion would be possible - do you mean randomly named files from
the current style?


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