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[mkgmap-dev] side effects add-pois-to-lines

From Minko ligfietser at online.nl on Sun Nov 27 09:43:57 GMT 2011

I use the add-poi-to-lines option only in a few cases (yet), and I don't use it on every node either, but only in the middle of a road segment (mkgmap:line2poitype=mid). 

One example is on lines tagged with route=ferry & opening_hours=* 

route=ferry & opening_hours=* & mkgmap:line2poitype=mid {name '${name} (${opening_hours})' | 'operating ${opening_hours}' } [0x6406 resolution 24] 

This is a screenshot of my map:

Before add-poi-to-lines was introduced I used an extra line to render opening_hours, but the disadvantage is that you often cannot see this info on the GPS (it displays the streetname only, or in this case where there is no streetname, it shows the bike route relation name). Other cases that you can use this are for example incline, smoothness, tracktype, access tags etc.

Greg wrote:
Can you explain when you want to have a POI for every node in a way?  It
seems the area->POI code makes one POI for the closed way, and this is
different.  (Not trying to be difficult; I really don't get it.)

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