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[mkgmap-dev] Base style sub-styles

From Steve Ratcliffe steve at parabola.me.uk on Fri Nov 25 19:21:29 GMT 2011


>> at  \examples\styles I can see the default and noname styles.
> Oh, it did not occur to me to look at dist/examples/styles. Right, it
> only contains a copy of the default and noname styles. I do not see
> anything obvious in dist/build.xml. Steve, any ideas how to include all
> styles there?

Yes, there is a section that picks out a few samples to include, I
didn't want to just include everything. But I see the problem, we now
have non-working examples!

The code is in the dist target in build.xml:

    <copy todir="${dist}/examples">
       <fileset dir="resources">
         <include name="installer/*"/>
         <include name="styles/default/*"/>
         <include name="styles/noname/*"/>
         <include name="chars/ascii/row02.trans"/>

Perhaps we shouldn't have the examples directory at all, I
suspect it causes more confusion that anything else.
If we do have them, they should be hand written for the purpose of
demonstrating how they should be written.


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