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[mkgmap-dev] Base style sub-styles

From Bennie du Plessis bennied at telkomsa.net on Thu Nov 24 18:36:29 GMT 2011

If I may reply on part of my own mail:

On 2011/11/24 20:00, Bennie du Plessis wrote:
> Marko (mainly),
> How does the sub styles idea work.?
> In commit 1209, where is the sub-styles?
> at  \examples\styles I can see the default and noname styles.
> In the info file of the default style I can see
> base-style=contours_ft
> base-style=location
> base-style=waters
> Is this the sub-styles that will be included in the default style?
> Where are these sub-styles though?
I forgot that a .jar is actually an archive, and when I went further 
into it with 7Zip I found the styles where it always are:

> Suppose an included base-style treats an element a certain way, will the
> main style (default in this case) then ignore this element?
> So the base-style treatment overrides the main style?
> Will a continue statement in the base style then reverse this, so that
> the main style treatment will prevail?
> Then, in the case of 3 sub styles, if they all have actions for the same
> element:
> the first style will be used, and the rest ignored unless a continue
> statement is used in the previous style?
> A continue statement will have no effect if the previous sub style did
> not have a continue statement?
> Or should conflicting rules be avoided?
> Argh, I hope someone understand what I mean?
> I don't use the default style, but a style based on the default with a
> couple of tweaks for custom points&  lines etc.
> Still I like to keep updating regularly to benefit from Marko's
> improvement in the style.
> So I copy my tweaks into the latest default styles manually.
> The sub style idea might make my manual operation unnecessary, if I can
> just include my own style into the default.
> Before any other included styles, if I understand it correctly.
> Bennie
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