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[mkgmap-dev] Cutting down the default style

From Greg Troxel gdt at ir.bbn.com on Wed Nov 23 01:13:50 GMT 2011

charlie at cferrero.net writes:

>>   Style files get edited for multiple reasons; one is to match TYP
>>   files, and another is catching up with tag usage.  I'm not suren if
>>   Charlie's style files are be a bit out of date (not complaining; what
>>   I have to use for free is awesome), but structurally it would be hard
>>   to keep them in sync; I think what's needed is a merger of those and
>>   the modern mkgmap style, but I haven't spent the time to really dig in
>>   (which is a clue that just using what Charlie publishes is very good -
>>   I think my big issue is town boundaries being missing, but even that
>>   I'm not sure of).
> I'm not sure my style files are *that* out of date. ;)  The only thing  
> I haven't incorporated is the tweaks necessary to make use of  
> --location-autofill=bounds as there are no usable bounds in my part of  
> the world.

I've gone back and looked a bit.  The only thing I found was that
boundary=administrative, admin_level=8 wasn't rendered; in the default
style that shows up.   I'm about to rerun a build with that.
So you're right - your style is very up to date, and I only found one
nit to pick - it just turns out to be something I really care about, so
it seemed bigger than it was.


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