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[mkgmap-dev] Short mkgmap HowTo

From Steve Ratcliffe steve at parabola.me.uk on Mon Nov 21 22:23:25 GMT 2011


> Hey, you never know how big the project is going to be. This reminds me
> of another one that began with a humble announcement (see
> http://liw.fi/linux20/).

Thanks, that was a pretty interesting article!

> Back on topic: Should we have some sort of a bug tracking system? Even a
> list of the important bugs would do. When a bug is fixed, it would be
> moved to another list that specifies the svn revision of the fix. There

Yes, we can try that.

I kind of like the idea that bugs go to the mailing list first,
at least while the project is small enough for that to be reasonable.

Still, something that we don't do very well is showing progress that
has been made and this could help a lot with that.


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