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[mkgmap-dev] routing on new devices

From Chris66 chris66nrw at gmx.de on Wed Nov 16 17:33:30 GMT 2011

here some testing results concerning mkgmap routing on the new Garmin
devices (etrex 20/30), firmware 2.4, default style.

available vehicles : motorcar / bicycle / pedestrian

available avoid-options: Toll-roads / unpaved roads / carpool-lanes
/ u-turns / motorways

as already observed in BaseCamp, access flags (motorcar=no, access=no,
etc.) don't seem to work anymore.

Still working:
oneway (all transport modes, even pedestrian)
turn restrictions (all transport modes, even pedestrian)

All avoid-options seem to work (didn't test toll-roads).

Also I can't see a big difference in short routes vs. fast routes.

Note that some people reported different results with other
(non-default) mkgmap-maps.

Conclusion: with some tricks (use avoid-flags) one can build working
routable-maps for the new devices, until the NT format is decoded.


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