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[mkgmap-dev] TYP mkgmap integration

From Steve Ratcliffe steve at parabola.me.uk on Wed Nov 16 14:07:32 GMT 2011

On 16/11/11 10:20, Minko wrote:
> Hi Steve,
> Thanks for integrating the typ/txt file into mkgmap. It seems to work pretty well, except for a few remarks:
> The header size
> This is not specified when I export my typ file to txt with typ viewer so it is set to short (old format).
> I noticed this give problems with extended polygon types like this one
> [_polygon]
> Type=0x10100
> String1=0x04,area
> String2=0x03,gebied
> String3=0x02,Gebiet
> ExtendedLabels=Y
> FontStyle=NoLabel (invisible)
> CustomColor=No
> Xpm="0 0 2 0"
> "1 c #D8F7BA"
> "2 c #FFFFD5"
> [end]
> In the draw order section, type 0x10100 does not get a draw priority (0x10101 is a different polygon background for another map)
> [_drawOrder]
> Type=0x032,1
> Type=0x10101,2
> Type=0x001,3
> Type=0x002,3
> etc
> I noticed the same when I import this typ file into ati.land.cz
> Draw orders of 0x100 or higher are not read very well and ati.land.cz makes a mess with those polygons.
> ati.land.cz also complains that the header is in old format.
> This bug doesn't appear if I set the header in the typ file to NT (new) or NT2
> Unfortunately I can't save this information with typ viewer, the header is always set to short (old) format when I save it to txt.
> Maybe it is better not to use those extended polygons at all? Or is there a way to get this header info into the text file?
> The TYP file name
> Another issue is that mkgmap compiles my typfile.txt into MKG(FID).TYP. Is it possible to specify the name of the typ file that is created?
> For instance If I put this line in the args file
> mapname: 10010.typ
> input-file: typfile.txt
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