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[mkgmap-dev] TYP mkgmap integration

From Minko ligfietser at online.nl on Wed Nov 16 10:20:24 GMT 2011

Hi Steve,
Thanks for integrating the typ/txt file into mkgmap. It seems to work pretty well, except for a few remarks:

The header size 

This is not specified when I export my typ file to txt with typ viewer so it is set to short (old format).
I noticed this give problems with extended polygon types like this one

FontStyle=NoLabel (invisible)
Xpm="0 0 2 0"
"1 c #D8F7BA"
"2 c #FFFFD5"

In the draw order section, type 0x10100 does not get a draw priority (0x10101 is a different polygon background for another map)


I noticed the same when I import this typ file into ati.land.cz
Draw orders of 0x100 or higher are not read very well and ati.land.cz makes a mess with those polygons.
ati.land.cz also complains that the header is in old format.

This bug doesn't appear if I set the header in the typ file to NT (new) or NT2
Unfortunately I can't save this information with typ viewer, the header is always set to short (old) format when I save it to txt.
Maybe it is better not to use those extended polygons at all? Or is there a way to get this header info into the text file?

The TYP file name

Another issue is that mkgmap compiles my typfile.txt into MKG(FID).TYP. Is it possible to specify the name of the typ file that is created?

For instance If I put this line in the args file 

mapname: 10010.typ
input-file: typfile.txt

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