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[mkgmap-dev] Option to delete unconnected ways?

From Francisco Moraes francisco.moraes at gmail.com on Tue Nov 15 16:20:07 GMT 2011

On 2:59 PM, Carlos Dávila wrote:
> El 14/11/11 15:04, Francisco Moraes escribió:
>> Hi,
>> Is there an option to pass to mkgmap that would delete unconnected ways?
>> Those unconnected ways lead to routing errors and are useless in a
>> generated map.
> Wouldn't it be better to throw a warning rather than deleting them? 
> This way they could be fixed in the osm data. Apart from that, they 
> can be of interest in non routable maps.
I am not asking to do this by default, but to have an option where I can 
delete routable ways that are disconnected. Those cause routing errors 
if left in the map and it is not always easy to fix them. For example, 
trails in a wooded forest. Is there another trail that leads to them or 
not? Easy to fix if you know the area but not so easy if you are relying 
on satellite photos.

Just my 2 cents.


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