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[mkgmap-dev] Refactoring the default style

From Marko Mäkelä marko.makela at iki.fi on Fri Nov 11 10:15:47 GMT 2011

I extended the parser so that there can be multiple base-style 
declarations within a style. I was thinking of refactoring the following 
from the default style and adding these to styles/default/info:

base-style: country-specific # mkgmap:country etc.
base-style: waters # water polygons and lines
base-style: boundaries
base-style: contours
base-style: landuse # natural=*, landuse=* except water features
base-style: leisure # most leisure things
base-style: aero # airports, runways etc.
base-style: car # parking, fuel stations
base-style: restricted # military, prisons, etc.
base-style: manmade # building=*, man_made=*
base-style: commercial # shop=*, paid-for amenity etc.
base-style: services # public or non-commercial services
base-style: ways # all highway=*
base-style: pipes-cables

This is a rough idea, and it may change as I go. I will post a patch 
once it is complete (hopefully during this weekend), and gather feedback 
then. Hopefully there will not be too many issues with the evaluation 
order. I plan to add the "continue" action to the boundary lines, so 
that rivers or ways that are additionally tagged as boundaries will show 
up in the map.

Best regards,


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