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[mkgmap-dev] Free-as-in-speech text-to-TYP converter

From Steve Ratcliffe steve at parabola.me.uk on Thu Nov 10 15:48:02 GMT 2011

> All we need is a bare-bones text-to-TYP converter. No GUI needed. Icons
> could be embedded in the text file in some one-character-per-pixel
> (ASCII graphics like) NetPBM format or imported from *.png files, if we
> want to be fancy (and do not mind having binary *.png files in our
> repository).

I agree we need a text to TYP converter.

We already have code in mkgmap that was written by Thomas Lußnig three
years ago that can read and write typ files, perhaps the time has come
to put it to use!

I shall write a program that takes the polish-style text input as in
and writes a TYP file using the existing typ code, then see what is
needed beyond that.


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