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[mkgmap-dev] Cutting down the default style

From Felix Hartmann extremecarver at gmail.com on Thu Nov 10 14:38:50 GMT 2011

I would say there needs to be two different styles, one for without 
.typ-files, one for with .typ-files.
because it is pretty random what happens if an object is not defined in 
the .typ-file. (it doesn't have to be invisible, it can be that there 
will be a fat big line too.

Also the routable line types, could very well be left undefined in the 
.typ-file, this is advantageous on newer gps as well as 
mapsource/basecamp as they will adjust the line width depending on zoom 
level and pixel densitiy of the gps unit.

Hence you could acutally end up with 3 styles:

a) no .typ-ifle
b) .typ-file only for POI and polygons as well as maybe some special 
lines that are unrelated to routable roads (so no bridges,tunnels, etc..)
c) one style-file that makes full use of .typ-file for all POI, Lines 
and Polygons

However I would also tend to agree that first there should be an 
opensource .typ-file compiler/reader. Currently most still depend on 
cgpsmapper to actually compile the .typfile and all have some deficiencies.

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