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[mkgmap-dev] Tags hiding roads?

From David Fletcher dave at thefletchers.net on Tue Nov 8 23:13:21 GMT 2011

On Tue, 2011-11-08 at 22:38 +0000, Dave F. wrote:
> On 07/11/2011 09:44, David Fletcher wrote:
> > Hi there everybody!
> >
> > I caused annoyance to at least one other Open Street
> > Map user by deleting some of these tags.
> I'm the guy who got 'annoyed'.
> To all mkgmap users, please don't put the cart before the horse. OSM is 
> a database for *many* renderers (including mkgmap) to use. Removing 
> legitimate tags from OSM to get mkgmap to work is vandalism & wrong. The 
> problem is clearly within mkgmap as it obviously can't filter/assimilate 
> OSM data.
> There are two duplicated tags on these ways/relation & it would be 
> better if they were just within the relation.
> However this was clearly not the reason for the tag removal as only one 
> was deleted.
> Oh, & power lines are fantastic navigation items.
> Dave F.

Hi Dave

Yes as you correctly pointed out to me, I have been a member of OSM for
several years. The trouble is, for me, during most of that time the OSM
web site has been pretty unresponsive therefore unusable. So I've only
been making contributions for 3 or 4 months therefore I am the learner.

So, if you know what to do, would you mind please putting the boundary
tags into the relation section for the roads in question so that it
works for everybody? Then I can take a look afterwards and learn from
what you've done.

And yes Dave I totally agree with you about the power lines - just the
big 300kV and above jobs on pylons - they are fantastic land marks and
definitely should be included.


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