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[mkgmap-dev] Cutting down the default style

From Felix Hartmann extremecarver at gmail.com on Mon Nov 7 12:20:06 GMT 2011

I strongly oppose the change.

1. I think the default mkgmap style should be kinda universal and not 
only for motorists. It shouldn't be specific and not show advanced stuff 
that is only for certain user groups (routes, and so on).
2. Multi layer maps are not a good solution. a) they work differently 
depending on the gps unit (older Garmin GPS only allow only one 
gmapsupp.IMG but inside you can disable/enable layers; newer Garmin PNAs 
don't allow for this, but you can enable/disable maps only based on 
name.IMG being separate).

3. Therefore:
basic stuff like building=*, power lines, and also most landuse/natural 
keys should be in the default mkgmap style. Boundaries are a bit of a 
different case, as you cannot see them physically (most). I would leave 
national boundaries in for all zoom levels, but cut down on more 
specific boundaries (I would propose:
boundary=administrative & admin_level<5 [0x1d resolution 20]
boundary=administrative & admin_level<7 [0x1c resolution 23]
# boundary=administrative & admin_level<9 [0x1c resolution 22]
´boundary=political [0x1c resolution 24]

and move the boundary block to the beginning of the style-file and use 
it with "continue".

Also move railway=abandoned to res 24.

4. Points file: I don't think the following are needed to be displayed - 
the access rules could still apply - however for them to be more 
effective they should be moved up front of the points file):
barrier=bollard | barrier=bus_trap
     {add access = no; add bicycle = yes; add foot = yes} [0x660f 
resolution 24]
barrier=block | barrier=cycle_barrier | barrier=stile | barrier=kissing_gate
     {add access = no; add foot = yes} [0x660f resolution 24]

Also take into account the default style purpose (resources/styles/info):
The default style.  This is a heavyweight style that is
designed for use when mapping and especially in lightly covered

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