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[mkgmap-dev] [PATCH v1] add-pois-to-lines

From Torsten Leistikow de_muur at gmx.de on Sun Oct 30 12:06:39 GMT 2011


I tried the patch and I think the add-pois-to-lines option is quite usefull.

Although I have some issues with the actual implementation.

1. Tags originating from the line are correctly transfered to the points (e.g.
incline=* on the highway can be used to generate symbols at the highway nodes).
But if the tags are originating from a relation and only generated on the way
during the relation processing by the apply command, then this tags ar enot
transfered to the points. So it is not possible to create POIs at all nodes
belonging to ways belonging to a route.

2. I think it should be possible to differentiate whether a single tag belongs
really to this node or is create by the add-pois-to-lines processing. For
example: We have a line highway=primary and this line contains a node marked
with highway=trafic_signals. With the actual implementation the node would only
have one highway-Tag, the other on gets lost. Perhaps it would be better, to not
only transfer the tags from the line to the nodes, but add a prefix to the keys,
e.g. mkgmap:line2poi:highway=primary

3. I think the tag mkgmap:line2poi=true  is not required, since all nodes are
marked with mkgmap:line2poitype=* anyway.

4. A single node can be member of multiple lines. E.g. a highway crossing can be
the inner node of one line and also the start node of another line. Will this
create any problems? With my suggestion 2 you could at least differentiate, when
the line2poitype is different, but if the crossing is an inner node of two
lines, you are still kind of lost.


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