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[mkgmap-dev] mkgmap ignores --country-abbr?

From WanMil wmgcnfg at web.de on Sat Oct 29 17:12:29 BST 2011

> Hi WanMil,
> In the Geofabrik finland.osm.pbf there are a few Russian place=*. Some
> of these carry addr:country=RUS.
> I am invoking mkgmap (among others) with the following options:
> --country-abbr=FIN --country-name=Finland --location-autofill=nearest
> I am not using any bounds information. You can see the full invocation
> in http://www.polkupyoraily.net/osm/files/osm2img.sh
> In the tile for southeast Finland (63240007.osm.pbf), many if not all
> places are now displaying as RUS instead of FIN. I added addr:country=FI
> to Rääkkylä, and it now correctly shows FIN. Before that change, all
> place=* in that tile had either no addr:country or had addr:country=RU.
> Is it so that --location-autofill=nearest somehow overrides
> --country-abbr and --country-name? I would expect all place=* that lack
> addr:country to get an implicit addr:country=FI when I specify
> --country-abbr=FIN. In that way, the worst thing that would happen is
> that my map of Finland would have some Russian places (which are located
> very close to the border and are lacking addr:country=RU) incorrectly
> displaying as FIN instead of RUS.
> Best regards,
> 	Marko

Hi Marko,

the following happens:
1. the style rules are applied, so all elements (places in this case) 
with addr:country set are applied with the country information.
2. the nearest search starts which means:
2.1 all places with complete country/region information are put to a 
"known places list"
2.2 for all places with incomplete country/region information the 
nearest place from the "known places list" is retrieved and its 
information is copied.

The nearest search does not have a max distance. So if one place in the 
tile is tagged with addr:country=RU and no other country information is 
provided all places in the tile will be tagged with country RU. Maybe it 
would make sense to define such a maximum distance?

While looking into the source code to write how it works I've probably 
found a problem so that some places are not put to the "known places list".

Could you try it if it improves the behaviour for you?


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