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[mkgmap-dev] add-pois-to-lines ?

From Torsten Leistikow de_muur at gmx.de on Wed Oct 26 16:02:02 BST 2011


I really would like to have an add-pois-to-lines feature.

Henning Scholland schrieb am 26.10.2011 00:24:
> This would also be a great feature to show route-signs (hiking, cycling 
> etc.)
> But it would be overkill, to create such a node for each way.

Actually it wouldn't be enough, to create one node for each way, for route signs
you would need multiply symbols for each way.

A first version could be, to copy the way tags (already inherited from a
relation) to each node of the way.

A nicer version would be, to leave out some nodes, when they are to close together.

Another use might require to mark the first and/or the last node of a way with a
specific icon.


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