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[mkgmap-dev] missing tiles

From WanMil wmgcnfg at web.de on Tue Oct 25 18:29:47 BST 2011

Maybe compiling a map with the reverted commit of r2028 exhausts the 
maximum size of a subdivision in the special cases. The real limits of a 
subdivision are not well known so the problem that a subdivision is 
exceeded can still occur with and without r2028.

It would be very interesting to get the exact mkgmap and splitter 
settings how the maps are created and which exact areas are missing.

I'll try to get the information from the forum although this should 
better be discussed on this list.


> Hendrik,
> I'm not sure if those problems are all the same, maybe there are other issues causing the same effects.
> I have put a test map with the patched version online and let it test on the Dutch forum.
> Maybe the poster 'Januitsneek' who had problems with his nuvi is helped with the patch, maybe not.
> I dont know if messing around with defragmentation of the nuvis internal disk is recommended, it might give problems with the warranty?
> Hendrik wrote:
> Are you very sure that it is really fixed by patching mkgmap? I have
> some times missing tiles in my nuvi 755 and deleting all log files and
> making a defragementation of the files on the Garmin unit, especially
> the .img seems to help.
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