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[mkgmap-dev] [PATCH v1] Add defer relation support to PBF reading

From Olaf Hasemann o.hasemann at gmx.de on Sun Oct 23 22:18:59 BST 2011


> I downloaded the finland.osm.pbf extract from geofabrik, run splitter
> and used mkgmap with the patch. As you described the patch did nothing.
> I reconverted the tile containing the relation 155054 to osm XML using
> osmconvert. In the resulting file no relation contained a member with
> type="relation". Only members with type="node" or type="way" are contained.
> So there are three possible problems:
> 1. The geofabrik dump does not contain subrelations
> 2. Splitter does not support subrelations
> 3. Osmconvert does not support subrelations
> My current favourite is that splitter is the problem. Maybe someone who
> knows splitter better than me can have a look at it? Thanks!

It's 2.) Splitter. Relations that only contain relations are dropped.
I thought this was known and someone will work on it in the future.

You can test all three cases by filtering out the critical relations with

With best regards


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