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[mkgmap-dev] possible bug? mkgmap freezes with lines only routing style

From michael lohr micha.lohr at web.de on Thu Oct 20 16:18:48 BST 2011

i'm trying to create a lines-only routable map. from a certain amount of 
lines in the style mkgmap starts turning out 2 empty img files (empty 
means 0 bytes, not empty maps), then memory usage freezes pretty much, 
cpu usage oscillates wildly and nothing more happens.

this problem is tied to --route, leaving the option out turns things 
back to normal.

a certain amount of poi's in the style solve the problem too - with some 
lines for cities in the points file everything works as expected. it 
almost feels as if mkgmap "needs something to do" between all the roads.

any ideas?

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