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[mkgmap-dev] add-pois-to-areas entrance as option

From Olaf Hasemann o.hasemann at gmx.de on Sun Oct 16 00:34:31 BST 2011

thanks for the new POI generation from multipolygon and polygons.
It seams to work fine and changing my style files was easy.

There is only one thing i am not happy with:

the use of building=entrance as the default position for
the POI of a polygon.
In urban areas there are often buildings, pedestrian areas,
subway entrances ... mapped over each other as polygons and all
of the generated pois fall to the entrances of the buildings,
often two or more at the same position.

IMO the solution would be to disable the use of the building=entrance
by default and if requested specify one or more key/value pairs as an
additional argument to the add-pois-to-areas option.

thanks in advance
Olaf Hasemann
e-mail: o.hasemann at gmx.de

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