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[mkgmap-dev] (Fixed by workround) Bizarre flooding in South Wales

From Steve Ratcliffe steve at parabola.me.uk on Sat Oct 15 22:33:20 BST 2011

> What I'd entered:
> --coastlinefile coastlines_europe-111004.osm.pbf
> It might be a worthwhile improvement for mkgmap to notice dud syntax
> like that and either accept the form without the '=' sign, or to put up
> an error message. As it is, it *seems* to realise that the coastline
> file is as I'd flagged it, but then reports that it can't read such a
> file. Confusing.

The message is confusing, granted, but all that is happening is that 
coastlines_europe-111004.osm.pbf is being treated as a map to compile.
The coastline file is the empty string because no argument was given.

So when it says:

  coastlines_europe-111004.osm.pbf: Coastline file  not found

It means while processing the map 'coastlines_europe-111004.osm.pbf', 
the coastline file '' was not found.


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