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[mkgmap-dev] Routing not working

From Carlos Dávila cdavilam at orangecorreo.es on Sat Oct 15 17:57:46 BST 2011

Just for the record, finally I got routing working on MapSource by 
changing FID from 18 to a number higher than 100, as suggested by Felix 
on http://openmtbmap.org/tutorials/install/gmaptool-install-maps/

El 29/09/11 13:33, Carlos Dávila escribió:
> I still have the same problem on MapSource. The full map is now 
> available at [1]. If anyone is willing to give it a try I would thank 
> very much.
> [1] http://mapas.alternativaslibres.es/MapSource_india.zip
> El 13/09/11 23:22, Carlos Dávila escribió:
>> El 13/09/11 21:36, michael lohr escribió:
>>> routing in gpsmapedit works ok (tools -> test routing graph), even 
>>> over longer distances. you're trying on a gps or in mapsource?
>> In Mapsource 6.13.7 and 6.16.3. I sent the map to gps from MS and I 
>> can simulate routing from one location to a given point, so the 
>> problem seems to be only on MapSource.
>>> Am 13.09.2011 21:19, schrieb Carlos Dávila:
>>>> El 13/09/11 20:50, michael lohr escribió:
>>>>> i noticed that a lot of roads have no road id. mumbai area seems 
>>>>> ok at the first glance, does the routing work there?
>>>> No. still the same problem. I tried ten short routes in different 
>>>> types of ways and it doesn't work.
>>>>> Am 13.09.2011 20:46, schrieb Carlos Dávila:
>>>>>> El 13/09/11 20:22, michael lohr escribió:
>>>>>>> can you upload a map tile somewhere?
>>>>>> http://mapas.alternativaslibres.es/55180001.img
>>>>>>> Am 13.09.2011 19:04, schrieb Carlos Dávila:
>>>>>>>> El 12/09/11 20:48, michael lohr escribió:
>>>>>>>>> have you tried routing a short way in a densely mapped area 
>>>>>>>>> (e.g. delhi)? the density of roads in many parts of india is 
>>>>>>>>> so low that routing breaks because of lack of information.
>>>>>>>> Yes, I have tried to route even with origin and end points in 
>>>>>>>> the same way.
>>>>>>>>> Am 12.09.2011 16:23, schrieb Carlos Dávila:
>>>>>>>>>> I have compiled a map of India from Geofabrik extract, using the
>>>>>>>>>> commands below, similar to the ones I use for other countries. The map
>>>>>>>>>> compiles without errors but routing doesn't work on MapSource, only a
>>>>>>>>>> straight line is drawn from point A to B. I have tried with different
>>>>>>>>>> days extracts with the same result. I also tried reducing the parameters
>>>>>>>>>> in the mkgmap call to the minimum, but still the same result. Any idea
>>>>>>>>>> why routing is not working?
>>>>>>>>>> java -Xmx1500M -jar splitter.jar --max-nodes=1400000 --mapid=55180001
>>>>>>>>>> india.osm.pbf
>>>>>>>>>> java -Xmx1200m -enableassertions -Dlog.config=logging.properties -jar
>>>>>>>>>> mkgmap.jar --max-jobs --generate-sea=polygons,extend-sea-sectors --route
>>>>>>>>>> --tdbfile --latin1 --code-page=1252 --gmapsupp --country-name=India
>>>>>>>>>> --country-abbr=IND --area-name=India --family-name="OSM India"
>>>>>>>>>> --family-id=18 --product-id=1 --series-name="OSM-India"
>>>>>>>>>> --overview-mapname=55180000 --index --ignore-maxspeeds
>>>>>>>>>> --remove-short-arcs --merge-lines --add-pois-to-areas
>>>>>>>>>> --adjust-turn-headings --report-similar-arcs --link-pois-to-ways
>>>>>>>>>> --location-autofill=bounds,is_in,nearest --drive-on-left
>>>>>>>>>> --check-roundabouts --check-roundabout-flares --style=mio -c india.args
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