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[mkgmap-dev] [PATCH v1] Using name-tag-list for country names

From Carlos Dávila cdavilam at orangecorreo.es on Fri Oct 14 20:10:05 BST 2011

El 10/10/11 23:42, Carlos Dávila escribió:
> El 10/10/11 22:43, WanMil escribió:
>> Am 10.10.2011 22:34, schrieb Carlos Dávila:
>>> El 10/10/11 21:28, WanMil escribió:
>>>>> El 08/10/11 20:33, WanMil escribió:
>>>>>> Up to now the names of the countries were taken from the
>>>>>> LocatorConfig.xml file no matter what has been configured in the
>>>>>> name-tag-list option.
>>>>>> But the name-tag-list option was used to get the country names from
>>>>>> the precompiled bounds which causes a problem if country name in the
>>>>>> special language is not contained in the LocatorConfig.xml.
>>>>>> The patch now uses the name-tag-list consistently for all places where
>>>>>> country names are standardized.
>>>>>> Additionally the values in the LocatorConfig.xml are automatically
>>>>>> completed by all name tags of the precompiled boundaries.
>>>>>> http://files.mkgmap.org.uk/detail/37 links to r2047 including this patch.
>>>>> I have tested your patch to build my India map, but get the same errors
>>>>> than without it, plus an new warning from LocatorConfig (see below).
>>>>> Additionally, LocationHook errors with patched mkgmap show names in
>>>>> local languages, despite the use of name-tag-list=int_name,name:en,name
>>>> Carlos,
>>>> it seems that mkgmap does not have access to a LocatorConfig.xml. The
>>>> countries listed in your log are contained in the LocatorConfig.xml
>>>> provided with mkgmap so they should be found.
>>>> Did you modify the LocatorConfig.xml file?
>>> No, I use the one from trunk. Within the jar file it's placed in the
>>> root directory. I extracted it from the jar and is exactly the same that
>>> the one in trunk.
>>> Looking in other logs I see something is going wrong also with other
>>> countries. For example, compiling Spain I get warnings about "Algérie"
>>> and "Andorra" which are also in LocatorConfig, but not about Spain,
>>> Portugal or France.
>> Can you please test it without any modifications to the LocatorConfig?
>> So please remove all LocatorConfig.xml files in your mkgmap environment
>> so that only the one that is provided with the mkgmap build can be used.
> I did it, compiled with your patched mkgmap and all LocatorConfig
> warnings went away. Now I have to rebuild my environment to get it
> working for further tests, but won't have a chance until next Thursday
> or Friday.
Definitely my mkgmap was using an old LocatorConfig.xml instead of 
current one in trunk. After removing all of them in my mkgmap 
environment as you suggested all wrong "not in locator config" messages 
disappeared from logs.
>> Bye the way: if you want to compile maps for the region India it might
>> be a good idea to fix the boundary of India and Pakistan. They are
>> broken and are not contained in any precompiled boundary.
> I know it is broken, but I don't want to break out a war in such a hot
> region by putting the border in the wrong place.;-)
Finally I fixed it using boundaries of lower admin_level already 
existing in OSM, so precompiled boundaries can now include 
India-Pakistan border.

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