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[mkgmap-dev] Support for motor_vehicle=*

From Colin Smale colin.smale at xs4all.nl on Mon Oct 10 19:23:28 BST 2011

Having retagged some roads in my area as a result of some changes to 
road layouts, I noticed that my Garmin was routing me over a bit of road 
which I had tagged "motor_vehicle=no". The road is signposted with the 
usual "No Motor Vehicles" sign (red ring containing a car above a 
motorcycle) which, according to both the NL and general wikis should be 
tagged as "motor_vehicle=no". This is also supported by the fact that 
Potlatch2 includes an easily accessible facility to set this tag.

Having browsed through the source and the style files I could find no 
reference to the motor_vehicle tag, which surprised me a bit... Anyway I 
fixed it for me by adding a single instruction to the "lines" file:

# add support for motor_vehicle
highway=* & motor_vehicle!=yes
     {add access='${motor_vehicle}'; add foot=yes; add bicycle=yes; add 
mofa=yes; add moped=yes; add horse=yes}

This handles motor_vehicle=no and motor_vehicle=destination ("except for 
access" in the UK for example). I assume "motor_vehicle=yes" (don't know 
when one might use this) will work properly anyway.

The moped and mofa tags reflect the rules here in NL, where these 
vehicles are not counted as motor vehicles for the purposes of this 
sign. If these subtleties are different in other countries, it can 
easily be adapted by referencing mkgmap:country.

Is this a reasonable way to do this? If so, could it be added to the 
standard mkgmap distribution?

Best regards,
Colin Smale

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