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[mkgmap-dev] OSM maps on the new eTrex 30

From Frank Fesevur ffes at users.sourceforge.net on Sun Oct 2 19:16:45 BST 2011

2011/10/2 Ralf kleineisel <ralf-lists at kleineisel.de>:
> Does the 30 support more than one map file? How does it display maps
> with more than one Family-ID?

At this moment, there are three gmap*.img files on my device. Two that
came with the device and that one osm based (most recent
openfietsmap.nl full version) that I used all day today. You can
switch on and off maps as you like, so I guess (have to try this out)
that mulitple osm based maps should not be a problem as long as the
Family-IDs and the filenames are different. If you want to, I can try
this tomorrow and let you know. Anything special you want me to try?

Today I navigated with it some short distances (from geocache to
geocache). As said I have no Garmin device to compare the navigation
to, but this just worked. Had it on bike navigation (my mistake, we
were by car) and did send me to a shortcut only available for bikes.


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