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[mkgmap-dev] POI address to points with 3-byte TYP IDs

From michael lohr micha.lohr at web.de on Sun Oct 2 11:17:13 BST 2011

you'd have to use overlays, like this:

shop=supermarket  [0x3900 resolution 24 continue] // icon #1
shop=bakery  [0x3901 resolution 24 continue] //icon #2

shop=supermarket | shop=bakery  [0x2e02 resolution 24] //transparent bitmap

lie 1 and 2 give supermarkets and bakers different ids, so you can 
assign different icons. the 3rd line makes them findable (but invisible) 
in one categorie.

Am 01.10.2011 14:52, schrieb Bernhard Moser:
> Hi,
> Does mkgmap add POI information (street, house number, region, phone, etc.) also to points
> with 3-byte TYP IDs with format 0x1xxss (e.g. 0x11501) or is this only done for IDs with
> format 0x0xxss (e.g. 0x01, 0x2e; with or without subtype) ?
> I want to assign different Garmin Typ IDs to POIs of same category (e.g. Shopping -
> Grocery) to separate for instance between supermarket, bakery and butcher. Goal is to have
> several icons for each shop type but all these shops should be searchable, found in
> category 'Shopping - Grocery'.
> Therefore I need several Garmin Typ IDs which are within one category. For above example
> there exist the following TYP IDs 0x2e02, 0x10f02 and 0x20f02 to which different icons can
> be assigned and which can be found in 'Shopping - Grocery'.
> In Mapsource/Basecamp and on the Oregon 450t all icons are shown as expected. But only the
> icon with TYP ID 0x2e02 has added address and region (which is done by locator-autofill I
> think). To the other TYP IDs (>  0x100ss) no locator information is assigned.
> I've already heard about Garmin TYP ID ranges where no 'popup' information is shown... But
> in this case I use TYP IDs which are used by Garmin City Navigator 2012 and on this map
> this POIs have address and region.
> Any reason?
> Best regards,
> Berny
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