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[mkgmap-dev] OSM maps on the new eTrex 30

From Chris66 chris66nrw at gmx.de on Sun Oct 2 10:58:08 BST 2011

Am 02.10.2011 11:43, schrieb Minko:
> @chris: Mkgmap of course. Garmin doesn't know ways like cycleway:right 

Ok, just was wondering because in the default style there is no handling
for cycleway(:left/right) = track.

I assume this can be easily done with overlay or continue-statement in
the style.

So, if I understand correct:

You have a line like

================   street
................   cycleway

in the TYP file
and some Garmin devices show the cycleway on the right side
of the street and other devices show it on the left side.


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