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[mkgmap-dev] POI address to points with 3-byte TYP IDs

From Bernhard Moser berny.moser at gmx.at on Sat Oct 1 13:52:26 BST 2011


Does mkgmap add POI information (street, house number, region, phone, etc.) also to points 
with 3-byte TYP IDs with format 0x1xxss (e.g. 0x11501) or is this only done for IDs with 
format 0x0xxss (e.g. 0x01, 0x2e; with or without subtype) ?

I want to assign different Garmin Typ IDs to POIs of same category (e.g. Shopping - 
Grocery) to separate for instance between supermarket, bakery and butcher. Goal is to have 
several icons for each shop type but all these shops should be searchable, found in 
category 'Shopping - Grocery'.
Therefore I need several Garmin Typ IDs which are within one category. For above example 
there exist the following TYP IDs 0x2e02, 0x10f02 and 0x20f02 to which different icons can 
be assigned and which can be found in 'Shopping - Grocery'.
In Mapsource/Basecamp and on the Oregon 450t all icons are shown as expected. But only the 
icon with TYP ID 0x2e02 has added address and region (which is done by locator-autofill I 
think). To the other TYP IDs (> 0x100ss) no locator information is assigned.

I've already heard about Garmin TYP ID ranges where no 'popup' information is shown... But 
in this case I use TYP IDs which are used by Garmin City Navigator 2012 and on this map 
this POIs have address and region.
Any reason?

Best regards,

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