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[mkgmap-dev] Level and Resolution

From michael lohr micha.lohr at web.de on Sun Jul 17 08:34:25 BST 2011

yes, some objects are not at all affected by the resolution settings, 
i.e. about every poi that can be reached via "find" on the gps: they 
show at 50m (details setting: normal) and you can't do anything about it.

Am 17.07.2011 04:01, schrieb Greg Troxel:
> Roger Calvert<roger at rogercalvert.me.uk>  writes:
>> I have mapped 'barrier=gate' to an unused Garmin code using the instruction
>> barrier=gate {add name = 'gate'} [0x1600 level 2]
>> in the 'points' style file, with a corresponding entry defining a
>> graphic in the TYP file.
> Two separate points to understand:
>    1) There is a list of about 6 zoomlevels in a style file, and really
>    the format only stores those 6, so using levels not in the level list
>    just truncates (or rather the next smaller number, I think.  This is
>    probably not your problem.
>> This works, except that it appears at all magnifications in MapSource,
>> but only at very high resolution (scale = 120ft) in the GPS. Changing
>> the 'level' or using 'resolution' instead seems to make no difference.
>> I have a very similar problem with 'railway=rail'. Whatever the
>> resolution in the 'lines' file, it appears all the time in MapSource,
>> but only below 0.3 miles resolution in the GPS. But other lines -
>> e.g. 'highway=track' appear much earlier, even when they have the same
>> resolution or level.
>    2) I'm very fuzzy on this, but it seems that for some objects garmin
>    devices or programs will impose their own notion of smallest scale to
>    display them, separately from what's specified.  I have heard of this
>    with rail, not being rendered below the '300m' level (meaning at
>    scales named by '500m' and larger distances).  I would not be
>    surprised if a) gate were like rail and b) behavior is not consistent
>    from model to model and receiver to mapsource.
> So: you're not crazy; this really is a mess.
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