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[mkgmap-dev] Commit: r1893: Add option to control the smallest polygon that is displayed

From Johann Gail johann.gail at gmx.de on Thu Mar 10 17:09:46 GMT 2011

> Why did you change the merge-lines text at the same time?
> --merge-lines
>     Try to merge lines. This helps the simplify filter to straighten out
>     longer chunks at lower zoom levels. Decreases file size more.
>     Increases paint speed at low zoom levels.
> *At the moment this option causes routing errors. Use only if routing
>     is not needed in your map.*
> Where is any reference to this causing routing errors. Routing is only 
> on res=24, though merge-lines now by default starts at res=22 (and 
> even before ran after routing - which causes display panning problems 
> and maybe label problems, but no changes on routing as such. Also the 
> max error is now much smaller (1/4) compared with the old behaviour).
This text was added in my patch as a side note while editing the help 
file. I have never watched routing errors for myself, but the internal 
data structures gets corrupted. AFAIR there was a problem with the 
drawing of the pink line. The routing layer should be intact, but some 
internal references at the lower resolutions are wrong.
If the maps work for you even with routing, then well, its okay, use it 
and enjoy.  But I expect strongly some side effects, so I added this 
warning. It is simply a warning, not more and not less.


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