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[mkgmap-dev] Commit: r1877: Allow different smoothing parameters for polygons and lines.

From Minko ligfietser at online.nl on Wed Mar 9 21:30:50 GMT 2011


I'd like to see it commited because I want the old layout of the map back.
I don't like the 'a quick and dirty approach', the map looks very ugly now at lower zoom
levels, shapes look very distorted and forests are completely gone.

Am 08.03.2011 14:57, schrieb Minko:
> Hi Johann,
> Is this option --min-size-polygon already comitted in the latest mgkmap version?
> It's seems not working in r.1889.
> I can't compile mkgmap myself and i'd like to see the old situation back (without deforestation ;-))
No its not commited.
I for myself have no write access (and don't want, because than the code 
gets double checked) to the subversion repository.  The patch from this 
thread is not commited until now. It has to be decided, what we want to 
be the default value. In my patch the default value would be zero, 
meaning restoring the old behaviour. Others might argument, that a given 
value improves the map by removing the cluttering, and for a good map 
the default should be set to a value.

What does the majority think?
Comments please.


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