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[mkgmap-dev] Encoding problems

From Rich richlv at nakts.net on Wed Mar 9 14:02:38 GMT 2011

On 03/09/11 14:26, Marko Mäkelä wrote:
> On Wed, Mar 09, 2011 at 01:45:02PM +0200, Rich wrote:
>>>     Yep. Changing to
>>>     --code-page=1257
>>>     fixes Lithuanian letters!
>> hmm. i might be doing something wrong... but --code-page=1257 with
>> mkgmap 1867 still results in garbled latvian characters.
> Do you have an example? Can you check the file with a hex editor. For
> example, if you have a string Test*#% that shows up as Test&/!, search
> for "Test" in the img file and show the hexdump. Also, what encoding is

Ū -> DB
Ā -> C2
Ņ -> D2
Ļ -> CF
Ž -> DE

> the input in? UTF-8 like XML? What chars should they be?
it's an osm xml from geofabrik downloads, so i'd expect it to be proper 
utf8 :)

> You might find the GNU Recode tool useful when diagnosing character set
> translation problems. For example, if your terminal emulator is
> configured to use the UTF-8 encoding, the following should encode your
> input properly, or complain if it cannot be done:
> echo 'your utf-8 string'|recode utf8..cp1257|od -t x1

 > echo 'Ž'|recode utf8..cp1257|od -t x1
0000000 de 0d 0a

so it might be that the file has properly encoded characters, but the 
device does not properly display them ?
if i "manually" compare what they look like on the gps device and 
onscreen, result on gps device seems to match what i get if i look at 
cp1257 (or iso-8859-13) encoded text in a unicode terminal...

> Best regards,
> 	Marko

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