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[mkgmap-dev] Countries issues

From Steve Ratcliffe steve at parabola.me.uk on Thu Mar 3 12:46:07 GMT 2011


> I built a map using us_midwest extract from Geofabrik and have 5
> countries listed in the country list on my Etrex Vista:
> Country
> Israel
> Mongolia
> Ukraine
> United States

OK I have got it.  There are two things.

1. A silly bug, the country list is sorted without renumbering the
index values. This means that cities that had correct information can
be assigned to the wrong country.

2. The previous bug would not cause a problem if there were just the
one country and Mongolia wasn't there.

The Mongolia appeared because there is a isin="Dakota, MN" (on one of
the places called "West Saint Paul"). The location code takes the MN
as the name of a country as it is at the end.

So problem 1 is the major one and I am just about to commit a fix for
that. In my test tile, all the cities were "in" Mongolia, even though
there was really only one that was problematical from looking at the

Problem 2 is less of a problem, and at least it is easy to see why it
is happening by looking at the data. THe data could be fixed if that
is not the accepted way of tagging in the USA.

For mkgmap I'd suggest that, for the USA at least, country information
is not taken from isin lists that are shorter than 4.


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