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[mkgmap-dev] [index] Automatic location completion

From Carlos Dávila cdavilam at orangecorreo.es on Tue Mar 1 19:51:13 GMT 2011

El 01/03/11 19:24, WanMil escribió:
>>> I have done some development and want you to share my current findings.
>>> 1. The MapElement copy constructor seems to have a bug. The attributes
>>> map which contains the city, region and country information is not
>>> copied. From my point of view this is an important thing that should
>>> be fixed in the trunk also.
>>> 2. In the patch the Locator is disabled as much as it was possible for
>>> me up to now.
>>> 3. I am using now separate tags (mkgmap:city, mkgmap:region etc.).
>>> I recommend to run this patch with location-autofill=-1 or 0 to see
>>> how the patch works and not how the old Locator works.
>> Some findings running your patch on Spain's map:
> Thanks for having a look on it! It's still on heavy development and I am
> glad about ANY response!
>> 1-The list of regions (state/country field) is much better than the one
>> obtained with trunk. All those included are actual regions (some with
>> two different names, e.g. Castilla la Mancha&   Castilla-la Mancha).
>> Trunk includes many names that are not actual regions of Spain, but
>> provinces, cities or even villages.
> That's fine! I don't understand why you get two different similar names.
> I think this is caused by addr: tags that don't use the same spelling
> like the boundary multipolygons.
> Do you know about any similar name detection algorithm? So something
> like a "sounds-like(String cityname)" function? This would be necessary
> to fix that.
No, I don't know such algorithm (I'm not a developer) and am not sure it 
would fix all cases, because some names are quite different as they are 
in different languages, e.g. Euskadi/País Vasco. But perhaps one of the 
names could be discarded or fixed in the data: I have three regions with 
two different names; for two of them, searching for one of the names 
finds all of the places and the other name finds nothing. For the third 
one, the second name only finds one place.
>> 2-The list of countries has grown from ESP (España), España (ESP) to Es,
>> ESP (España), España (ESP), Gribraltar / United Kingdom, Spain,
>> Territorial water of Ibiza and Territorial waters of Mallorca. Could we
>> have some mechanism to unify all forms of a country in a single one,
>> i.e. Es, ESP, España, Spain and Territorial water...->España? Maybe
>> LocatorConfig.xml could/should do that.
> Yes, fully agree. I have fixed that in my local code and it's working fine.
Could you use it also for regions?
>> 3-When the country field is filled in any of the search tabs,
>> State/Province info is not taken into account.
> Mmmh, could you also try that with the trunk? At the moment I have no
> idea why the autolocation could be the reason for this.
I tried, and if you give a State/Province only places in it are found.
>> 4-When searching for a street, city, region and country information is
>> missing in the results list. Searching for a street+city doesn't work;
>> street+(State/Province | Country) does work.
> Aah, I tried to compile Spain and I got the same results. I have to look
> into it. Compiling of Germany was VERY fine.
> First result: some administrative boundaries seems to be not closed
> (e.g. http://www.openstreetmap.org/browse/relation/346488). Up to now
> the code works with closed boundaries only. This has to be improved.
This boundary is open by the coast side, as many others (¿all?) in 
Spain. Something similar to the close-gaps in the sea generation could 
do the trick.

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