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[mkgmap-dev] --make-cycleways labels invisible

From Minko ligfietser at online.nl on Thu Feb 17 17:37:46 GMT 2011

I have tested this in the style file:

highway=unclassified & oneway=yes & (cycleway=opposite | cycleway=opposite_lane) {set oneway=-1; set access=no; set bicycle=yes } [0x06 road_class=3 road_speed=5 resolution 22 continue ]

highway=unclassified & oneway=-1 & opposite-cycleway!=yes & (cycleway=opposite | cycleway=opposite_lane) {set oneway=yes; set access=no; set bicycle=yes} [0x06 road_class=3 road_speed=5 resolution 22 continue]

highway=unclassified [0x06 road_class=3 road_speed=5 resolution 22]

This is not working. Routing is messed up terribly, especially it goes wrong where several oneway streets with "cycleway=opposite" cross each other. Often oneway streets are routable in the opposite direction, but not in the "oneway" direction anymore. I tried "continue with_actions" instead of "continue" too but it doesnt seem to help.
I tried it without the oneway=-1 rule too but it still didn't work.

It would be great if someone can provide me with a style file where this should work, I'm willing to test it out on this area:

Regards, Minko

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