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[mkgmap-dev] --make-cycleways labels invisible

From Felix Hartmann extremecarver at gmail.com on Wed Feb 16 14:46:28 GMT 2011

On 16.02.2011 15:19, Minko wrote:
> Can you give an example how this can be done in the style file:
> A street with oneway=yes&  cycleway=opposite
> -If the navigation is set to cars, routing is only possible in one way
> -If navigation is set to bicycle, routing is possible in two ways
> As far as I know this cannot be controlled in the style file. It is either
> oneway=yes or oneway=no
> Is bicycle:oneway=no (or yes) an option I can use in the lines style?
You introduce the rule

highway=* & oneway=yes & cycleway=opposite {set oneway=-1; set 
access=no; set bicycle=yes} [0x?? road_speed=? road_class=? continue]
This rule of course has to be at the beginning. You do not need to care 
about foot=yes as for pedestrian Garmin disrespects the oneway atribute.

Mind depending on the layout of your map - you may have to introduce 
this rule several times each with according highway=residential and so 
on. Everything else stays unchanged. You could also set to oneway=no...
It has the advantage that one can pick lower priority for going against 
the general flow of traffic dependant on the highway type (or whatever 
else). Basically this is exactly what the option is doing, with the 
difference that you cannot influence road_class and road_speed )

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