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[mkgmap-dev] Converting mkgmap generated maps to Mac format (was Index branch - success!)

From Clinton Gladstone clinton.gladstone at googlemail.com on Tue Feb 15 23:01:36 GMT 2011

I have now  compared the gmapi-builder linked from the Wiki with the one we have in the SVN repository.

- The Wiki version includes a minor fix, which ensures that file names are upper-cased (usually not a problem).

- The SVN version has updates for the index files, which the Wiki version is missing.

I'll try to merge the fixes from the Wiki version into the SVN version, and then also finalize the latin-1 correction. After that we can update the Wiki, and I'll leave some more messages for the original author so he knows about this.


On Feb 13, 2011, at 16:14, Carlos Dávila wrote:

> El 12/02/11 23:54, Clinton Gladstone escribió:
>> On Feb 12, 2011, at 17:52, Carlos Dávila wrote:
>>> Conversion to gmap format in both cases:
>>> python gmapi-builder.py -t osmmap.tdb -b osmmap.img -s typ/SPAIN-14.TYP
>>> 5514*.img osmmap.img
>> Try the attached file. I quickly hacked it up to support latin-1 encoding for names.
>> Also, if you are using the --index option in mkgmap, remember to include the index files in gmapi-builder. Example:
>> $ gmapi-builder.py -t 14000000.tdb -b 14000000.img -s 14.TYP -i 14000000.mdx -m 14000000_mdr.img *.img
> Thank you for the file, which works fine converting. I have not tested 
> resulting maps though, because I don't have a Mac. In case any user of 
> my maps report any problem I'll tell you.
> Thank you also for the tips about index. I had not seen any comment 
> about -i and -m parameters on the wiki [1] neither on 
> gmapi--builder_README.txt. According to [1] the version from [2] is 
> supposed to be newer than the one from [3], but the later includes 
> support for index whereas the former doesn't. Should I change it on the 
> wiki?
> [1] http://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Gmapibuilder#Commandline_version
> [2] http://bitbucket.org/berteun/gmapibuilder/downloads/gmapi-builder.tar.gz
> [3] http://svn.mkgmap.org.uk/mkgmap/trunk/scripts/gmapi-builder.py
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