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[mkgmap-dev] tunnels (and bridges) - was Re: 0x10 for residential in default style

From Jeroen Muris jeroen at tweejee.net on Thu Feb 10 20:28:13 GMT 2011

Thank you for this suggestion. I can use it for the bridges (for which I did 
not have a nice solution yet). But for the tunnels the goal is not to add an 
indicator for a tunnel, but to use one single dashed line for all tunnels, 
but with different Garmin routing properties. That's why I list them all. I 
could have shortened the list, but this way it is an altered copy of all the 
original ways and easier to maintain.


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From: Minko
Sent: Thursday, February 10, 2011 8:56 AM
To: Development list for mkgmap
Subject: Re: [mkgmap-dev] 0x10 for residential in default style

Hi Jeroen
In your lines style I see 30 lines of code to render tunnels [0x12].
You could do this with one line as a layer on top of each highway:

(tunnel=yes | tunnel=true) & (railway!=subway | waterway!=*) [0x12 
resolution 23 continue with_actions]

This way you don't need to specify each road with a tunnel tag separately.
In the typ file it is rendered as a transparent bitmap with two dashed lines
with enough space in between to render the highways:

--- 8< --- snip --- 8< --- 

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