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[mkgmap-dev] 0x10 for residential in default style

From Jeroen Muris jeroen at tweejee.net on Mon Feb 7 21:29:12 GMT 2011

Thank you for the quick response.

For now I'll keep using my own 0x01 for landuse=residential.

If the polygons styling needs work I'm willing to help. Just let me know 
what I can do.

Switching from landuse=residential to building=* may be a nice solution (I 
did not know it is possible), but I'm not sure what the results are when one 
of those is missing in OSM.

I'm afraid my TYP file is for newer models too, I made it for my own Oregon.



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From: MarkoMäkelä
Sent: Monday, February 07, 2011 10:08 PM
To: Development list for mkgmap
Subject: Re: [mkgmap-dev] 0x10 for residential in default style

On Mon, Feb 07, 2011 at 09:45:03PM +0100, Jeroen Muris wrote:
>At the moment, I'm merging my own custom style with the default, and
>I'm wondering about the use of code 0x10 for landuse=residential in the
>polygons file. Is 0x10 a standard Garmin code for residential areas?

It is not. I just made it up, because it seemed to render fine in my
Edge 705.

>If not, isn't 0x01/0x02/0x03 a better choice (0x03 is already in use
>for place=village)?

Could be. I guess that we should revise the polygon rules very soon.

Do you agree with my idea that the landuse=residential and building=*
polygons should be mutually exclusive? That is, show only the
landuse=residential on higher zoom levels and only the buildings on
lower zoom levels?

>BTW: I hope to be able to switch completely to the default style and
>then fit my TYP file to that. When I'm done with that, is there any
>interest for that TYP file?

Yes. We could have multiple TYP files for the default style. Minko's
Mapnik.TYP can be good for newer devices, while cferrero and I seem to
prefer simpler "non-spaghetti" layout that works on older devices.

I would prefer to have an open source TYP file generator or editor, so
that changes to the TYP file could be tracked. But I guess we can live
with binary-only TYP files, if there is no other choice.

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