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[mkgmap-dev] New splitter build for pbf format

From Chris66 chris66nrw at gmx.de on Fri Jan 28 12:46:44 GMT 2011

Am 27.01.2011 23:40, schrieb Scott Crosby:

>>> The problem is entirely with the pbf reader --- a 32-bit cleanness bug
>>> that was only exposed on Windows made the reader erroneously sense
>>> end-of-file.
>> is this a known java Bug?
> Don't know. You could argue that there's a 64-bit cleanliness issue in
> the API.  InputStream.available() returns 32-bit integer. 

I see. From the docs:

InputStream.available :

public int available()
  throws IOException

Returns an *estimate* of the number of bytes that can be read (or
skipped over) from this input stream without blocking

So, this seems to be one of the java functions which one should not use...


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