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[mkgmap-dev] Index: MDR12 breaking POI search

From Johann Gail johann.gail at gmx.de on Wed Jan 19 22:52:22 GMT 2011

>> In mdr_creator.cpp in line 1291 is a difference between mdr8 and mdr12.
>> The lenght of the mdr12 dataset needs place for one more bit. I cannot
> I will double check, although I probably deal with it.
>> find any code where the mdr12 gets written out, so I cannot see the
>> meaning of the bit. Would it be the same as usual, an unique flag?
>> Probably not, each 4 char block is unique by design.
> The published cpreview does not write out mdr8 and 12, and I am not
> sure that it (the cpreview code) is entirely correct anyway.
> Section mdr17 seems to do a similar thing.
> I previously thought that the sections 8/12 might be useful for the
> device, but on thinking about it they cannot be. 
Why not? The sections are IMO only  usefull at the device.
> Mapsource must
> re-calculate them when you select a subset of all the maps to be
> transfered.
Good hint. Mapsource must calculate them when not all maps are 
transfered. And it DOES need a lot of cpu resources for this. So I 
assume strongly it rebuilds such indexes like this.
> Anyway if mdr12 caused a crash for some people (it never did for me)
> then we should just remove it for now.
My opinion too.

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