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[mkgmap-dev] Amenity=shelter

From Peter Hendricks beddhist at gmail.com on Wed Jan 19 03:32:04 GMT 2011

Hi again,

On 16/01/2011 02:54, Marko Mäkelä wrote:

> What is the typical usage scenario of the shelter? Is it for protecting 

4 posts in the ground with some kind of overhanging roof. People will
seek shelter under the roof from either sun or rain. These are found all
over Thailand on road sides. If it rains you can often even get your
bike in there, if there aren't too many people. There are no bus stops
in the country side, but people may wait there for public transport. You
can't call it a building, as it doesn't have walls.

Whatever you call it, it should not show in the map as a camp ground, as
even alpine shelters have nothing to do with that.

>> In any case, amenity=shelter in the img file becomes "Unknown type 
>> (0x2b05, point)" in GPSMapEdit. Why in the map this becomes a camp 
>> ground is beyond me, but it's a bug.
> To me it would seem to be a bug or omission in GPSMapEdit. It is Garmin 
> who defines the meanings of the codes, not some third-party software 
> author.

I'm with you there.

>>>> Incidentally, the area highway=services on the GPS map turns into a 
>>>> POI "Exit Unknown" with an interesting properties page. Check it out 
>>>> @ N14.85751 E100.09283
>>> This is probably because you are using add-pois-to-areas.
>> I think you are correct here (Lambertus certainly does), although the 
>> POI should be something more intelligent.
> The POI for the highway=services could be inappropriate. Are there any 
> significant amounts of highway=motorway_junction that are tagged as 
> highway=services? If not, we should probably remove the highway=services 
> from the POI translation. The existing translations for amenity=fuel and 
> shop=* should cover the road-side services, after all.

It's got nothing to do with junctions. From the wiki:

"A service station to get food and eat something, often found at motorways "

"Service station" is probably not a good description, as that implies a
place run by a petrol company. For the POI I would suggest "Exit
Services" if the area doesn't have a name, but others may have better ideas.

Kind regards,

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