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[mkgmap-dev] Improved street search in index branch

From WanMil wmgcnfg at web.de on Mon Jan 17 21:19:54 GMT 2011


I started with systematic testing and want to publish my first 
intermediate results.

My mkgmap parameters:

MapSource version 6.16.3 Windows 7

Here are the problems I discovered:

1 tile:
Search dialog crashes Mapsource immediately

2 tiles:
POI search:
- always shows exception but Mapsource does not crash

Find cities:
- Entering non existent letter in city field crashes Mapsource
- Search only for existing region shows exception
- Search only for existing country shows exception
- Search for existing region and country shows exception
- Only searches where the city field is supplied with an existing city 
are ok

Find streets:
- Existing and non existing street / city combination shows message 
(something like "Combination not supported by this product")

So far so good. As a summary all searches with a city name not contained 
in the map have problems. So maybe it's good to start having a look at 
the city section?!


Am 17.01.2011 11:14, schrieb Steve Ratcliffe:
> Hi everyone
> Well it appears that the results vary wildly!
> Trouble is that everyone has their own set of map tiles a different
> set of options and so it is very difficult to make sense of the
> results.
> It would be helpful to create an index of different sizes from the
> same tiles and same options.
> - create a set of tiles
> - start creating the index, tdb, etc files with just one tile (the
>     smallest perhaps).
> - test a number of searches
> - save the index and record the results against it.
> - repeat with two tiles and the same tests
> I'd stick with some basic tests, some of:
> - Search for a street only
> - search for street+city
> - with/without accented characters
> - attempt to download to device (don't have to complete it, if it is
>     not going to work it usually fails very quickly).
> I am expecting that you will get very different results with different
> sized indexes and hoping that together we will get enough information
> to work out the problems.
> ..Steve
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