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[mkgmap-dev] Index Branch 1764

From Carlos Dávila cdavilam at orangecorreo.es on Sat Jan 8 13:10:27 GMT 2011

El 08/01/11 09:42, Felix Hartmann escribió:
> On 08.01.2011 09:36, Carlos Dávila wrote:
>> El 08/01/11 00:10, Felix Hartmann escribió:
>>>> However on the good side, instead of a popping up crash notice, I 
>>>> get a regular (no error) pop up message: "the selected street is 
>>>> not valid in this map product, please select a different street".
>>>> Using --code-page=1252 is still broke however for Umlauts, as the 
>>>> city is inside the index with an Umlaut, but the address without 
>>>> Umlaut. So you cannot find streets in cities (though for provinces 
>>>> or states Umlauts are fine now) that have an Umlaut, if you enter 
>>>> the city. (city without Umlaut is not accepted, and city with 
>>>> Umlaut will not find the address).
>>> Here is a screenshot of the problem. Note Moedling on the address 
>>> and Mödling in the city field (city moedling cannot be entered, as 
>>> it does not exist): this is with --latin1 (and yes, --latin1 seems 
>>> to work much better than cp1252):
>> In my maps I can find cities like Sigüenza and streets like Calle 
>> General Yagüe. I use --latin1 and --cp1252. Mapsource is 6.13.7 under 
>> wine.
> I can do that too. But i cannot find street ABC in city Sigüenza (if I 
> put Sigüenza as city) - I can find street ABC without entering a city!
> I can also find street ABC in province ÜÖÄ - only as you see in my 
> screenshot the city in the address index (but not in the city index) 
> is loosing the Umlauts.
In my case neither Sigüenza nor Siguenza seem to be in the address 
index. If I search for any street that exists in Sigüenza, leaving city 
field blank, Mapsource finds that street in all other cities, but not in 
I also noticed index branch maps are missing lots of streets. For 
example, trunk map shows hundreds of streets called "Calle de xxx" as 
you write in the "Select street" window, while index maps don't find 
any. If I search for "Calle de Pio Xii", trunk map outputs this exact 
name in several cities, but index map outputs also some "Calle de Pxxxx" 
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